What is Godly Living?

Titus 3


1-11 | Paul describes what godly living is and isn’t
12-14 | Paul’s personal concerns and instructions
15 | Final greetings and benediction


Paul continues his theme of the letter to Titus of contrasting attitudes and behaviors Christians should have as a result of God’s salvation of them and the attitudes and behaviors of those who are false teachers and seek to cause division and disputes.

Godly Behavior Encouraged (v1-2) Former Ungodly Behavior (v3)
  • be subject to rulers and authorities
  • be obedient
  • ready for every good deed
  • malign no one
  • be peaceable
  • gentle
  • showing every consideration for all men
  • disobedient
  • deceived
  • enslaved to various lusts and pleasures
  • consumed with malice and envy
  • hateful, hating one another

Paul then explains why God, and by proxy God’s leaders, would expect this change of behavior and attitude–God saved us.  It wasn’t anything the people did but our salvation was solely a work of God showing mercy on us and pouring out His Spirit on us through Jesus His Son.  All of this was an act of God bestowing His grace upon us resulting in our salvation and eternal life.

In verse 8 Paul gives the reason for teaching these things: “so that those who have believed God will be careful to engage in good deed.”  Then Paul gives a quick reminder of the statement concerning the men of Crete in 1:12 by declaring that these are good for men.

Paul then gives a list of things to avoid, noting that they are “unprofitable and worthless.”

  • foolish controversies
  • genealogies
  • strife
  • dispute about the Law

Paul also gives instruction to reject a “factious man” after he ignores repeated warnings, resulting in his self-condemnation.

The chapter concludes with some personal greetings and instructions for other fellow workers.

If we consider the instructions given by Paul to the various groups, they all describe the same kinds of behaviors and attitudes, regardless of age, gender, or position.  Why?  Because we are all sinners saved by grace through faith in Jesus, God’s Son, who poured out the Spirit on us, giving us access through adoption to eternal life.  As we grow in our understanding of this, we can’t help but seek to develop these attitudes and behaviors with God’s help, so that we can honor Him and do the good deeds He has set aside for us to do.

Almighty God, You have bestowed mercy and grace on through Your Son Jesus who poured out the Spirit on us.  Help us to live to honor You and seek to do the good deeds You have created us to do to Your glory.  May Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven, in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Titus 3 - What is Godly Living?
Titus 3 - What is Godly Living?
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