Notes from the Center

  • 300 Words – Revisited
    When I first started blogging back in 2007, I was using a Blogger site called NotesFromTheCenter. It’s no longer active. At the same time I had this website already in place so I refocused my blogging to this site. One of the first posts that I wrote at that time was about ...
  • Why I don’t write in my Bible
    I used to underline or highlight words, phrases, sentences, or even whole paragraphs in my Bible.  But when I bought my last Bible that I would use for my Bible reading and studies, I decided to not make any marks in the actual text itself.  Instead, if I am reading for devotional purposes, I write ...
  • Annual Prayer Calendar
    If you’ve been following my Daily Prayer Focus posts, you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t posted anything for a while.  Lots of reason but I won’t go into them now.  I’ve decided to just publish an annual calendar each year that you can print out and keep in your bible, journal, etc.  You can find ...
  • Notes from the Center
    Notes from the Center
  • Online Stores
    I have setup two online stores through which I offer products. CafePress store where I am selling some custom products.  I don’t make much on the items (only 10% of the price). Amazon Store featuring Bibles, Books, Magazines, and Music.
  • New Outlines and Word Lists
    New Outlines and Word Lists I have recently added a number of book outlines and word lists and they can be found on the Downloads page or from the list below. You can also review the progress on these items on the STBo Progress Report.
  • Grace and Growth
    Grace is free but growth requires participation. This is a quote by Aaron Brockett from his message What No One Ever Sees on The Christian’s Hour.
  • Back on Facebook
    I’ve decided to reactivate my Facebook account and will start posting items again soon. If you want to connect with me, check out the Social Media links on my bio page.
  • Changes to Reading Schedule Articles
    Like any large project, there changes that need to be made at times to realign the outcomes with the goals of the project.  In this vane, I’ve decided to change how I prepare by articles of the Reading Schedule. From the outset, I wanted to emphasize the need to understand the text and encourage application to ...
  • Reading and Prayer Focus Calendars
    I’ve decided to combine the Reading and Prayer Focus calendars into one calendar.  This will enable me to only have to update one file each year.  The new file can be found in the Downloads section under Forms and is called 2016 Reading and Prayer Calendar. I’ve also added a new function to the Daily Prayer ...