Jesus’ Betrayal, Arrest, and Trials; Peter’s Denials

John 18


1-11 | Jesus betrayed by Judas
12-14 | Jesus arrested and taken to Annas
15-18 | Peter’s first denial
19-24 | Jesus before Annas, then sent to Caiaphas
25-27 | Peter’s second and third denial
28-32 | Pilate questions the Jewish leaders
33-38a | Pilate questions Jesus
38b-40 | Pilate seeks to release Jesus


There is a lot that has been written about the events of Jesus’ arrest, trials and crucifixion and it’s importance in His life and ministry while on earth.  However, here I want to concentrate on the difference between Jesus response when asked who He was and Peter’s to the same inquiries.

Here are the specific instances that take place in this chapter.

Jesus’ Responses Peter’s Responses
John 18:5 NASB They answered Him, “Jesus the Nazarene.” He *said to them, “I am He.

John 18:8 NASB Jesus answered, “I told you that I am He; so if you seek Me, let these go their way,

John 18:17 NASB Then the slave-girl who kept the door *said to Peter, “You are not also one of this man’s disciples, are you?” He *said, “I am not.”

John 18:25 NASB Now Simon Peter was standing and warming himself. So they said to him, “You are not also one of His disciples, are you?” He denied it, and said, “I am not.”

Notice the marked difference between the responses of the two men. Jesus knew who He was and why He came to this world and so when He was asked on this occasion who He was, He readily admitted it.  Whereas, Peter still didn’t fully understand who Jesus was or His purpose for coming.  Additionally, Peter didn’t understand who he was not his purpose in the church in the future.

Far too often we find ourselves in similar situations as Peter, being asked to take a stand for our faith and out of fear are unwilling to stand up for our faith.  I know that I have in the past.  But thankfully, Peter’s story doesn’t end there and neither does ours.  More on that in John 21.

Heavenly Father, forgive us in the times when we shrink back from taking a stand for our faith.  We are frail, imperfect humans.  We pray that Your Spirit will rekindle, or kindle anew, the fire of faith that You have instilled in us and help us to always stand.  May Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven, in Jesus’ name.  Amen.


John 18 - Jesus' Betrayal Arrest Trials; Peter's Denial
John 18 - Jesus' Betrayal Arrest Trials; Peter's Denial
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