Personalized Bible Reading Plan

Personalized Bible Reading Plan

If you are interested in creating you own Bible reading plan to use with your own bible, here is a spreadsheet I created that will calculate which chapters to read each day.  You can make the schedule as long or as short as you would like based on the dates you enter in at the top of the sheet.  You can then print it out and keep it in your Bible and have your own personalized reading plan.


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  1. I’ve changed the name of the files to “CustomBibleReadingPlan” so that they better reflect what they are really meant to do.

    I’ve also uploaded two additional files that will create a reading plan that is personalized using a person’s birthday so that it calculates what they would be reading if they began on the day they were born. This makes the readings a little more randomized so that you are always reading the same chapters on the same day every year. It is designed to have 3 readings each day, one each in the Old Testament, Psalms/Proverbs and the New Testament.

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