Book: All the Teachings of Jesus by Lockyer

All the Teachings of JesusAll the Teachings of Jesus by Herbert Lockyer

This is one volume of the “ALL” series that Herbert Lockyer produced over his lifetime. This one focuses on the teachings of Jesus in particular from the various encounters Jesus had with people and in His messages as recorded in the four gospels.

Topics included are as follows:
Part 1: The Teacher, Himself, God, The Holy Spirit, The Scriptures
Part 2: His Authority, Man, Sin, Repentence, Forgiveness, Salvation, Righteousness
Part 3: Faith and Faithfulness, Humility, Money, Prayer, The Sabbath, Sickness and Death
Part 4: Love, Divine Love, Human Love, False Love, Marriage and Divorce, Women, Children
Part 5: Ministry, Angels, Heaven, Satan, Hell, The Kingdom, The Second Coming
Appendices: Tables of Discourse Material, Old Testament Quotations, Parables, Miracles

These are fully developed doctrinal subjects which would encompass the whole of scripture but are limited to what Jesus actually taught on the subjects as recorded in the gospels and in the other New Testament book where he is directly quoted. If you are looking for a fuller development of these and other doctrinal subjects, I would suggest another volume in the author’s “ALL” series, All the Doctrines of the Bible.

While there are many that could be included, I’ll only include this quote about Jairus’ request of Jesus to heal his daughter.

“The petition Jairus presented to Jesus was the art of brevity–only one sentence–but that was sufficient. We are not heard for out much speaking. How much more effective our apprach to the Lord would be if only we would take time to know what we actually need and then tell him in as few words as possible what is on our hearts! Some of the greatest prayers in the Bible are the shortest. After all, did not Jesus himself teach that God knows what we have need of before we ask him? Then why wast breath and words on long prayers telling him what he already knows?”

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