Book: The Landry Legend by St. John

The Landry Legend: Grace Under PressureThe Landry Legend: Grace Under Pressure by Bob St. John
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If you love football, especially the Dallas Cowboys, you will enjoy this book. Now I don’t exactly fit into either of those two categories but I wanted to read the book because it was a biography about Tom Landry, the first head coach of the expansion team, Dallas Cowboys.

St John used the Tom Landry Day celebration in Dallas in April of 1989 as the beginning and then at the beginning of each chapter would use different parts of that day to introduce the next topic. In this book he covers Landry’s life from growing up in Mission TX to the day he got fired, rather unceremoniously, by the new owner of the Cowboys, Jerry Jones.

St John does a good job of give a full picture of who Landry is, both the public and private sides, and how he became that was. Through the interviews he includes you also find out what others perceptions of him were and why Landry did many of the things he did. The majority of this book is about Landry’s life in football and St John only briefly mentions Landry’s work with Fellowship of Christian Athletes and over things he did throughout the years.

Of course there are a number of other books about Landry but St John seems well qualified to write one as he was a sports writer for a Dallas newspaper during Landry’s tenure as their head coach.

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