Paul’s Address to the Jerusalem Crowd

Acts 22

Acts 21 ends with Paul’s request to address the Jerusalem crowd being granted. The present chapter contains the address and the responses of the crowd and the Roman soldiers.

The crowd listened to Paul’s speech in which he related his education and experiences as a Jew, his active persecution of “the Way”, and his conversion after Jesus appeared to him on the road to Damascus. He also related how he returned to Jerusalem but was also told to leave Jerusalem because the Jews wouldn’t accept his testimony about Jesus and his conversion because of his active participation in persecuting the disciples. He is also told to go to “far away” Gentiles by Jesus. It is at this point that the crowd again reacts, saying that he shouldn’t be allowed to live.

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Acts 22 - Paul's Address to the Jerusalem Crowd
Acts 22 - Paul's Address to the Jerusalem Crowd
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