The Bride’s Dream and The Bridegroom’s Arrival

Song of Solomon 3


1-4 | Bride: Seeking after her souls desire
5 | Bridegroom: Seeks rest for his bride
6-11 | Chorus: Solomon’s Wedding Entrance


It is a time of great rejoicing when two people find their mates and are joined together in marriage.  It is be a time of celebration and should be a time of rest as well.  There will be difficult days as the trials of life come, but for now, rest and celebration.

In this chapter, we find the Bride describing how she had dreamt of finding her mate and longing to be married to him.  She searched everywhere in the city looking for her future husband until the day she found him.  In response, the Bridegroom asks the daughters of Jerusalem to let his Bride rest as long as she wants, her searching is over.  The Bridegroom then makes his entrance on the wedding day with great pomp and celebration.

If you are married and if you haven’t done it yet today, tell you husband or wife that you love them and that you are glad that you found each other.  May God bless you each day as you live in love and seeking to honor God in your marriage.

Heavenly Father, Your design for man and woman is that they be married so that they can be a blessing to one another.  I pray that You will bless the marriages of Your people.  Bless them with children and that their homes will be filled with love whose ultimate expression is found in You.  I pray also that for those who are still searching for their spouse, that You will aid them in their search, that each woman will find a husband and each man will find a wife and that they will find joy in their marriage and in their relationship with You.  May Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven, in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Song of Solomon 3 - The Bride's Dream and The Bridegroom's Arrival
Song of Solomon 3 - The Bride's Dream and The Bridegroom's Arrival
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