God’s Tabernacle Design: Construction Continues

Exodus 37


1-9 | Ark of the covenant is made
10-16 | The Table of Showbread is made
17-24 | The Golden Lampstand is made
25-29 | The Altar of Incense is made


Bezalel continues leading the construction of the tabernacle according to the plans given to Moses by God.  This chapter includes the construction of the furnishings for inside the tabernacle and the various utensils required for the various activities associated with each.

Again the reminder that God likes to have things done His way.  So if we are going to live the Christian life, rather than compromise and water down the message of the gospel and offer something less than what God has asked from us—the very thing the Old Testament prophets warned the Israelite people against doing—we should instead follow God’s design for His church.

Lord God, We are Your people, You have redeemed us at great cost and washed us clean with the shed blood of Your Son, and placed His righteousness on us so that we can stand before You bathed in Your mercy and grace.  Help us to live to honor You in Your church by not compromising Your commands and desire for us to be holy, just as You are holy.  We know that You promise to forgive us when we sin but we pray for the strength to resist the temptations that come our way and embolden us to stand firm in Your love.  May Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven, in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Exodus 37 - God's Tabernacle Design: Constructin Continues
Exodus 37 - God's Tabernacle Design: Constructin Continues
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