In the Last Days … Be An Example

1 Timothy 4


1-5 | Many will fall away …
6-10 | Focus on following good doctrine and practice good discipline
11-16 | Focus on and immerse yourself in the essentials: “public reading of Scripture; to exhortation and teaching.”


How often do you find yourself listening to or reading works by the same preachers and teachers or about the same subject matter?  It is important to have teachers who teach the word of God accurately, it is also important to have a diverse diet too.  As I look at my habits of late, I need to diversify some more.

That is one of the reasons why having a regular Bible reading schedule can help you.  It will expose you to the whole Bible and not just your favorites.

Another key concept is to make sure that you’re not following after something that is bad doctrine or is just an  “old wives’ tale”1.  Focus on the essentials: public reading of Scripture, exhortation and teaching, and being a godly example.

I’ve taught on the need for balance in a person’s life using the terms orthodoxy and orthopraxy (thanks Kyle Osland).  It’s equally important to have both right / proper doctrine and right / proper conduct.  If all you have is head knowledge but don’t have the practical living in place, you will struggle.

On a personal note: This hits home for me this week as I’ve struggled in this area.  I need to take a lesson from Paul and apply it starting again today.

Lord, Thank You for Your Word and how it teaches us to live in a godly manner.  Help us (me) to live what we (I) know, to Your honor and glory.  May Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

1 a traditional belief, story, or idea that is often of a superstitious nature — “old wives’ tale.” Unabridged. Random House, Inc. 20 Jun. 2015. < wives’ tale>.

1 Timothy 4 - In The Last Days ... Be an Example
1 Timothy 4 - In The Last Days ... Be an Example
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