300 Words – Revisited

When I first started blogging back in 2007, I was using a Blogger site called NotesFromTheCenter. It’s no longer active. At the same time I had this website already in place so I refocused my blogging to this site. One of the first posts that I wrote at that time was about something that I read somewhere about Ernest Hemingway’s philosophy of writing. He believed that he had to write 300 words a day. However, I haven’t been able to find where I read that and when looking for another source I came across a page (The Daily Word Counts of 19 Famous Writers) that focuses how many words various famous writers try to produce each day. The page states that Hemingway focused on writing 500 words a day, especially early in the morning if possible. Other authors write focus on more words in a day and others less.

My current work schedule won’t make it practical to write early in the morning, so I probably won’t be doing that or if I do it only will be occasionally. As far as word count, I’ll be sticking to the 300 word count as a minimum to shoot for but not as a hard limit. If I need to write more to cover whatever topic I’ll be writing about, so be it. I’ll also be focusing on writing just 5 days a week but not limit those days to just weekdays or weekends.

What topics might be addressed by my musings? I will focus on the following topics that were originally proposed by Loren Cunningham, the founder of Youth With A Mission.1 They are Religion, Celebration, Communication, Economics, Education, Government, and Family. As far as the sources for my inspiration, they could come from any number of sources: scripture , devotionals, magazines, books, movies, current events, etc. Each of these will hopefully help you growth in your faith and encourage you to grow as a disciple of Jesus in your everyday life.

I hope you will find my ramblings worth checking out in the future as I seek to understand the world better and grow in my faith. May God bless you each day with wisdom to know the difference between the wisdom of the world and God’s wisdom with leads to life eternal.

1. You can learn more about the seven spheres of influence by listening to this podcast: The Seven Spheres Of Influence.