God Creates the Universe

Genesis 1-2

Since Darwin introduced his theory of evolution in the Nineteenth Century, the battle to usurp the creation of the universe away from God has been ongoing. Various groups1 have dedicated themselves to studying numerous aspects of creation demonstrating that evidence from science supports the Biblical view of creation. In the first few chapters of Genesis, many of the basic doctrines of the Bible are introduced. In Genesis 1, there is an overview of the creation of the universe in which God creates every aspect of the universe in six, twenty-four hour days. In Genesis 2, there is a more detailed version of God’s creation of Adam and Eve, the first human beings.


1 Answers in Genesis (“answersingenesis.org”) and the Institute for Creation Research (“icr.org”) both do scholarly research in various sciences with a view to showing how their findings support a Biblical view of creation. Another organization that doesn’t describe itself as a religious organization but does research about Intelligent Design and other ethical matters is the Discovery Institute (“discovery.org”).

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Genesis 1-2 - God Creates the Universe
Genesis 1-2 - God Creates the Universe
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