Book: The Measure of a Woman by Getz and Getz

The Measure of a Woman: What Really Makes A Woman BeautifulThe Measure of a Woman: What Really Makes A Woman Beautiful by Gene A. Getz

I read this a supplement to the author’s previous book, The Measure of a Man, to make sure that I get a perspective from both sides of a relationship. For this one he co-wrote it with his wife and included letters from the wives of the elders of their church, Fellowship Bible Church North, in Plano TX.

They base their chapters on the ideals set forth by Paul for Titus and Timothy, focusing mostly on the list from Titus as it is more complete. Along with looking at the text, they include mini biographies of different women in the bible who they believe are good examples of the character trait they are discussing.

Getz is an advocate for biblical male headship and his view is best explained for men in the previous work. I agree with his views because it is consistent with scripture and it doesn’t denigrate women, nor does he support some of the distorted views of male headship that have been espoused by other writers.

In this book, they present a good picture of what biblical womanhood is and how it relates to male headship in the home. At the same time, they clearly show that it doesn’t mean that women aren’t to be active leaders in their homes or outside the home. To the contrary, using scripture they explain how God designed women to be a helper/co-laborer with their husband, who is to watch out for and be willing to give his life for her.

This too is designed to be read in a small group setting to get the full benefit but could easily be read individually with great benefit as well.

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