Book: The Biblical Basis for Modern Science

I recently finished reading “The Biblical Basis for Modern Science” by Dr. Henry M. Morris.  Dr. Morris founded the Institute for Creation Research in the 1970s and it has become one of the pre-eminent organizations for promoting and researching the creation of the world as outlined in the Bible.

In this book Dr. Morris helps the reader see how the evolutionary theory has caused a divide between science and the Bible’s recorded history.  Further he shows how often times, through the bias of the scientists themselves wanting the scientific evidence to fit in the evolutionary model, the clearly visible connection to the history of creation found in the Bible is discounted or ignored but is a much better explanation for our universe.

Dr. Morris discusses the following sciences acknowledging that what is presented is by no means a full accounting for each.  Each field of science could have multiple books written on the various topics relevant to its field of study, and many have been, showing how the Bible is the best source to begin from when studying God’s creation.  The chapters included in the book are as follows.

Part 1 Science and True Christianity
1. Queen of the Sciences: Biblical Theology
2. Christ and the Cosmos: Biblical Cosmology
3. Miracles and the Laws of Nature: Biblical Supernaturalism
4. Science Falsely So Called: Biblical Evolutionism
Part 2 The Physical Sciences
5. Creation of the World: Biblical Cosmogony
6. The Host of Heaven: Biblical Astronomy
7. The Power of Heat: Biblical Thermodynamics
8. The Dust of the Earth: Biblical Chemistry and Physics
Part 3 The Earth Sciences
9. Foundations of the World: Biblical Geophysics
10. Water and the Word: Biblical Hydrology and Meteorology
11. Overflowed with Water: Biblical Geology
12. Fossils and the Flood: Biblical Paleontology
Part 4 The Life Sciences
13. The Life of the Flesh: Biblical Biology
14. In the Image of God: Biblical Anthropology
15. Babel and the World Population: Biblical Demography and Linguistics
16. God and the Nations: Biblical Ethnology

He also includes a number of appendixes worth reviewing.

One of the things that Dr. Morris shows that even when this was written, many scientists were beginning to document how the scientific evidences don’t fit with the many assumptions of the evolutionary model.  An unaffiliated organization, the Discovery Institute, maintains a list of scientists who have publicly proclaimed that the evolutionary model doesn’t work, entitled: A Scientific Dissent from Darwinism.  The list now has over 800 signers and continues to grow.

I have the 1996 printing of the ©1984 edition, but it was updated in 2004.  I believe that reading this book would be time well spent by anyone, especially those interested in a scientific field.

Morris, Henry M. The Biblical Basis for Modern Science. Grand Rapids, Mich: Baker Book House, 1984. [] [Amazon] [] [Alibris]