Priestly Duties, Ordination, and the Glory of the Lord

Leviticus 7-9

Most everyone, when they start a new job want to know what responsibilities they will be required to fulfill.  To that end a job description of some kind is developed and reviewed.  Then there is an onboarding process where the person is inaugurated and equipped with the necessary equipment they will need to fulfill their new role.

The book of Leviticus is basically a job description for Aaron and his sons in their new roles as priests of the covenant.  In it is a description of the various sacrifices that will be presented, what their responsibility will be in presenting the sacrifices, and an expansion of the ten commandments covering many aspects of tribal life.

Here in chapters 7-9 we find the following.

  1. Chapter 7 – continuation of the duties of the priests in presenting the sacrifices and what was to be their portion of the sacrifice.
  2. Chapter 8 – consecration or ordination service for Aaron and his sons.
  3. Chapter 9 – additional offerings 8 days later and the appearance of the Glory of the Lord.

I won’t go into much detail here but I would encourage you to consider the following question: if the tabernacle and its accompanying priests and furniture, were a pattern of what is in heaven, how might it apply to the church today?

You can download a copy of my outline for Leviticus on the Downloads page and you can find it under the Outlines folder.